Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vidan Sindal : Hot test

FSX. An airport from the Danish airfields serie from Vidan Design. Bought it just for this "petit pan de mur rouge", like the Vermeer View of Delft.

Version tested : V.1.0 for FSX (Vidan Design only works on FSX platform).
File size : 301,8 MB
Installation : Easy. The folder requires to be registered manually in the library.
Manual : Yes, english (8 pages). No charts.
Framerate : 30/40 Fps aboard Carenado B.King Air.FSX
(I7 3,44 Ghz, 6 MB RAM, ATI HD6570 at average settings, REX installed,
all FSX sliders at max, but no Ai traffic installed.
Other utilities included :
- Seasonal tool
* Low amount of buildings (but that's like in reality).
* Lack of life around (no traffic, no birds...).
* Fair price (8,99 € / 11,5 US $).
* The high level of quality (photoreal textures, details, grounds, runway...).
* The size of this airport, large enough for a bizjet (this one is not only for General Aviation purpose).

Sindal is not really far from northern German airports (Hambourg, Hannover, Bremen), Deutch airports, Oslo, Stockholm, Stavanger, Bergen and even scotish airports.
* * * * *

It is not a very detailed airport. The real one has a rather low of activity with Cessnas etc..

This screenshot is taken from the PMDG Jetstream. It's almost looking a real photo.

The runway width is about 85 feets.

From a certain distance, the textures look amazing...



Some details on the wall can be seen like grass.

Around the airport, some isolated farms and barns with trucks.

Fences everywhere around the airfield.

Inside view of a hangar
You can open it by inserting the Nav 2 frequency 112,00 Mhz
(thanks to a good friend who read the manual !)

Absolutely gorgeous. I don't have a tip on how John, the developer, did this one.
Dozen of hours on Photoshop ?
 * * * * *
The seasonal gives you the choice to switch between summer, winter and fall.
If your local time doesn't fit with the seasonal tool status, you will get different trees and volumetric grass. Here, it's winter. Everything is ok.
Runway textures are amazing with all these cracks but how is the real runway ?
The view from Google Earth is on the left of course.

Rooves are incredible too, designed with very fine grey textures.

* * * * *

This is my pityful routine, to add the NGX everywhere possible.
Sindal has no special space on the threshold to help a liner making it's 180° turn.
But the runway has a 3 800 feets length. It's width is about 85 feets.
 (a B-737-600 NG can make it easily).

Conclusion :
Okay, it's not a large airport but Sindal is a real plus in Denmark, where FSX simmers can only find a few other paywares like the old Billund (AeroFiles) and Copenhagen (Scansim). I really hope that John will someday start a heavier project (where not Kristiansand ??). Like its Bornholm airport project, Sindal almost reaches perfection...
Thanks !
Airdailyx September 8th
Dom Mason



Anonymous said...

Roofs...not rooves :P

If you cannot open the hangar door, you clearly didn't read the manual Dom ;-)

And I don't agree with you on...The Bad - Low amount of buildings. You cannot expect the designer to add buildings that do not exist in reality, just for the sake of having more

If you look at an aerial view in Google maps, you will see every building is accurately places in this wonderful small airport, I highly recommend this, it's a complete bargain at under EUR 10 :-))

Mason Dominique said...

Lol.. thanks
Okay i am wrong about the buildings !

And for the roofs ? Sorry, some people on the planet write it rooves :)

Anonymous said...

De rien mon ami et merci mille fois pour cette tres chouette blog ;-)

Mason Dominique said...

Honored !

Anonymous said...

It seems that some textures of Vidan Design are used in their every airport, which makes it harder to believe that real ones looks the same. Tower textures are always the same, also signs, roofs and some walls. Textures are generally at medium quality so the price for at almost not used airport, which is 10 euros, seems to be too big anyway, as a proffesional designer would be able to complete such an airport in 2-3 weeks of work. That is my own opinion of course. If someone likes it it is good for the developer.

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