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UK 2000 Edinburgh : Hot test

FS9/FSX.  The Xtrem version 3 of Edinburgh airport after 2008 first release. A multi-purpose airport for many kind of flights.


Version tested : FSX V.1.0
File size : 98 MB
Installation : Rather easy (several codes to enter via UK 2000 platform).
Manual : Yes, 7 pages. No charts, but UK has a free access, very well detailed, website.
Connections : At less than 500 nm, Glasgow, Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen , Ireland, Paris, Amsterdam...
Framerate :
23-28 at gate and on taxiways.
(I7 3,44 Ghz, 6 MB RAM, ATI HD6570 at average settings, REX installed
all FSX sliders at max, but no Ai traffic installed).

Framerate : two screenshots :

The Bad :

* Some low definition textures on some buildings (probably from older versions) have not been improved.

The Good :

* As usual with UK 2000, the configuration setup included.

* Very interesting airport (2 runways, liners, bizjets, GA...).

* Level of details (traffic, hangars, many static aircrafts, fences, light ramps...)

* * * * *

The Scottish airport, here, depicted with MyTraffic Lite and the 4 000 static cars option. It's certainly not a boring airport. There are a lot of aprons of different sizes for liners, bizjets, cargos areas and light aviation.
The ground textures are reaching a high level of quality as usual since the launching of Xtrem 3 serie, started with Gatwick, almost two years ago. Behind the modern terminal, the main parking is well textured but no static cars have been placed. A technical lack ? "The magic three" (FSDT, FLY TAMPA AND FLIGTBEAM can do this).  




Impressive ground runway textures with cracks.

This hangar includes several static bizjets and it is open on both sides. Even lighted at dusk and night. 


 Expect some good VFR flights from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Barra or the new Colonsay island from Visualize HD team. There are 7 or 8 static GA aircrafts at EGPH. Including some vintage aircrafts like here :
* * * * *

This is an example of what i called "low definition textures". We can discuss the level of definition but the quality is really not good and the building is located aside an apron. There are a few of these low defintion buildings fortunately.


 UK 2000 is taking a great care of shadow textures, like here for the tower. Or for buildings and trees. I am not a specialist but i am shure it's a rather heavy work to handle these shadows and place them with precision.


From this view, we have a good idea of the multiple aprons. Probably 6 or 7 !
You perfectly see the limits of the airport. Unless LVF or TX2, Gary doesn't like - or want - to design the surroundings. But, for a fact, there are some addons to complete the area, like VFR Photographic Sceneries (Playsims) or Treescapes EarthSim.



The main terminal at dusk is nicely enlighted as usual. This one reminds me of Liverpool's main terminal. But personaly, i still don't like the small 2D people along the terminal pavement.


I think the way Gary handles these nigh textures is new somehow. I saw a lot of these yellow lights textures on many buildings. Remember that these AI aircrafts are not from the scenery (it's still MyTraffic lite) but Edinburgh includes a lot of static aircrafts too. And the quality is quite nice, here on the next screenshot :
Conclusion :
If you don't fly too often in U-K, this one is a must have, like Heathrow, Luton, or Manchester. There are nice addons to complete this product and to fly around the hills and mountains of Scotland. Personally i am buying it to fly toward Glasglow or Norway.
A few people are reproaching the team to use the same custom textures library for all their airports but, its just my opinion, from Google Earth, British airports are really much looking the same each others. I am more worried about these bad low textures i have found in some small buildings. Maybe a choice of framerate... Anyway, if you take a look at UK 2000 forum times to times, you will see that Gary and team are very serious about buildings and objects real locations. It's always a long process and Edinburgh development time was around 2 months and a half..

Quality shots can be found here :

Thanks !
Airdailyx Hot test September 2012
Dom Mason

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