Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miami City X : our hot test

FS9/FSX. Drzewiecki Design Miami City and several airports lite. Miami X projet is a long story. Materials partly bought from another editor and totally reworked in GMAX.  More than 6 months of development. Great addition to KMIA, KEYW and KFLL.


Version tested ; V1.0 (FS9 and FSX).
Size : 1,16 BG (FSX)
Manual : 4 pages (english).
Framerate :
FSX: tested on a I7 3,2 ghz with Latin VFR KMIA installed and full FSX configuration :
Around 20-25 fps (flying on a Carenado aircraft).
Around 12-18 fps (flying with the PMDG B737).

The bad :

* The resolution of photoreal ground textures could have been a little bit better.

* Need a rather good processor : quad core minimum with optimized configuration.

The good :

* Seamless installation with Latin VFR KMIA. You just have to unselect the airport in FSX library.

* Hundreds of custom made buildings, 3D objects, boats...

* Technically similar to LimeSim US Cities series, but on a larger scale and with buildings covered with night lights.

* Three enhanced airports : KMIA, Opa-Locka Executive and Kendall-Tamiami Executive.

Miami City  X with Miami Intl airport from Latin VFR

Normandy Isles

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. Especially the day tectures look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Stanislaw for this magnificent scenery! and the work he had to put to a project that was long dead and full of dust (and difficult for an FS developer to develop). DD is one of the top designers right now in the FS community. Congratulations to all of them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry , but i missing the lights on the Homes and Buildings. All is dark.The city one in one is okay . Have found the Hotel i was:) two nights..really nice to feel in a flight over this city and outside pherephery.


Anonymous said...

This is good product, but does anyone get the same problem that I have encountered. Sometimes when switching from a virtual cockpit view to an outside view, there appears some black, and dark blue rectangles appear in places. These go quickly enough, but do cause some disappointment. Have re-installed the scenery but same thing happened again. Have an AMD quad core cpu 4.2ghz. 8gb DDR3 1600 ram. Asus 560 DDR5 1gb GPU. 1TB Samsung spinpoint HD. FSX Gold running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit full retail copy, not an upgrade or OEM.

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