Sunday, April 1, 2012

Orbx Swanson airfield : hot test

Updated 04/03 about PeopleFlow V.2.
FSX. This is the first airfield for NA BLUE Pacific Northwest, in 2012. Tim Harris and Alex Goff's work. Technically ? Irreproachable. LeavesFlow, SnowFlow, PeopleFlow 2 included but... not really impressive. Better use your 44 % April discount on heavy airports (Melbourne, Cairns... ) or some famous american airports (Orca's, Skagit, Ketchikan..). And come back here once a service pack is released.


Version tested : V.1.0.
(NA BLUE PNW greatly required)
NA PNW patch .005 required (released March 31.03 2012).
File size : 565 MB.
Framerate : very friendly on mid-core high-core processors.
FPS limitation needed on high core processors (especially for external views).
Manual : yes.
Installation : easy. Buy first, download, launch exe. file. Go through installation process and prepare your passwords.

On our first tests, we did not find any PeopleFlow 2 routine. We also tried to set season to January with snow but nothing revolutionary here. Okay, s ome snow on roofs but not any dynamic effect visible (we tried 10 mn of snowing).

The bad :

* PeopleFlow visible yes but no PeopleFlow V.2 (or did we miss it ??).

* Why this particular airfield ? There are so many others in the region !

The good :

* It's not just an airfield. As usual, it's a rather large area with Eatonville and surroundings.

* The place is not very far from Mount Rainier. There are a lot of possible flights to other Orbx airfields around Seattle or Portland. Try to find OZx Ranger  Creek freeware, north east of Mount Rainier.
* AI G.A. aircrafts included, amazing static aircrafts.

Here is an update about PeopleFlow Generation 2 :
"Most of the people have "ambient" movement, look at the people sitting around the CP Aviation building like the man on the phone and the lady walking around. Sometimes their movement can be misses but every single person is over twice as detailed as the old models with animations taken from motion capture actors." (staff).

Copyright Airdailyx April 2012.
Airdailyx tries sceneries by buying them. Very few editors are publishing our reviews because we are not too friendly with their products.


Anonymous said...

And that is exactly the reason I visit the site every day. I want to know if it is good or bad as the addons can get quite costly.

Anonymous said...

I'm a local to this area and I can tell you these guys got it right, even down to the grass!, this is my 8th PNW airport from these guys and I can tell you every single person on the airport is the new peopleflow2, check the mohawk on the young dude ahahahah

Anonymous said...

This is a review? Sorry AirdailyX, lift your game, that is just sloppy work. How much time did you spend at the airport? Did you even take note of the new Peopleflow characters?

I think now reviewers are expecting Orbx to reinvent the whole simulator with every new product they release. 2W3 is a beatuifullly made airfield which is head and shoulders above 90% of other developers, but yet you seem ho hum about it? I think Orbx has spoilt people with their high quality and your expectations are just too high.

Mason Dominique said...

Point taken. Our review have not the same format than some others. TRue. But we try to react fast to a release. Because publishing a review a month or two after the release, is futile. 75 % of people buy the product in the first weeks.
But i totaly accept your argument.
Note though, that i worked 1 hour and a half on my sunday to do it.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing short summary reports like this, Mason. You and DNadre are doing a great service to us. Personally, I think orbix airports are way over-rated and very very expensive. The flow system (people, nature flow, and so on and so forth) negatively impact my system. I have stopped buying their product long time ago. So who cares what they produce, it just does not fit well with my system. Keep those short pictorial reviews coming as I always rely on them for quick pick of what to buy nowadays.

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