Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nelson airport : our own impressions

FSX. New-Zealand simmers probably better know Godzone works than us. This team already designed several airports for NZ, including Auckland. Their latest work is Nelson and there, my ears are ringing, since i bought Orbx South Island...

Several remarks on this product :

- High quality scenery but a little bit expensive for an airport of this size.
- Installation is rather heavy. You need to install first a landclass, then Nelson airport, then Orbx NZSI patch in order to get everything right. There are 3 executable files but it takes time to read all the readme files...  And i don't like to loose 25 mn after a tiring day.... do you ?
- The airport is a real plus compared with Orbx NZSI but remember that Orbx is designing a whole island. Godzone Nelson is very good addition to Orbx NZSI. High quality textures too.

Other products from Godzone :


Anonymous said...

It looks nice, but it costs more than a Mega Airport from AS.

Anonymous said...

Its nice but the photoreal supplied with it looks washed out and not at all like the real new zealand, shame really considering its made by locals

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