Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flylogic Lugano : our hot test

FSX. After Switzerland Pro, jets and very small airfields, Flylogic is designing some of the best airports of the country ; Bern/Belp and then Altenrhein and now.. Lugano.

Flylogic's Lugano Hot test

Version tested :
Manual : Yes (11 pages for charts only + 44 page (4 x 11 pages german/french, italian, english)
Size : 208 MB
Framerate : very smooth on all processors (It's a small airport).
Installation : Very easy from the link delivered.
Included : one traffic tool to add/excluse some animated traffic

The bad :

* As usual with Flylogic, high price due to Swiss Franc exchange rate with €/$ (around 26 € / 33 $).

* Would have liked many more detailed buildings around the place.  

* You are going to wait if you want to buy it from usual simshops and to buy directly from Flylogic webshop is tricky (only in german text until now).

* Very detailed 3D models of buildings but a sensation of too much perfect 3D models from Gmax software. I saw the same problem with Bajasim airports too. I am not a developer of course but i suppose it takes time to polish and age these models ? Some of them in Lugano are, like hangars but the buildings around the tower look like directly imported from Gmax...?

The good :

* You will like this kind of airport : very detailed and a runway length long enough for many aircrafts (it's a 3 300 feets runway but with more than 4 000 feets available). A PMDG NGX-600 can land there without a problem, even if this terrain is mainly for bizjets.

* The surrounding relief and the dangerous approach to the runway 01.

* Very detailed manual and charts.
* This team is the only one to design swiss airfields/airports. We get to support them. Maybe Samedan airport soon ?


Like directly imported from Gmax ?

... but amazing details !

.. They need 3D automation...

The FSX defaut airport view...

... and the same one from with Flylogic.

Flylogic airport at dusk.

Lugano with Mytraffic lite.

Airdailyx april 2012/ hot test format copyright

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