Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zurich Versus Zurich

FS9 and FSX. Four years after FSDreamteam, it's Aerosoft's turn to launch Zurich LSZH. The airport is a major european platform, it's not very far from Germany the team had all the time to grab all required photo materials. Piece of cake. But what's new, compared with FSDT work ?

Now three comparisons :

Left, Aerosoft. Right, the "old" FSDreamteam.
On Aerosoft side, a much more detailed fence and more markings on the ground.
On FSDT side, the inside of the terminal is plenty of details, floors and colors.
Aerosoft 1  -   FSDT 1

Up, Aerosoft
Down, FSdreamteam.
Textures, night lights, Aerosoft really did a good work here (the picture is a beta 4 stage).
Aerosoft 1   -  FSDT 0

Up, Aerosoft.
Down, FSDT.
Up, wonderful shadows but its probably the FS9 version.
Once again, FSDT took a great care of the inside terminal.
Aerosoft did a better job on the surroundings. Behind the terminal, we see a very dense autogen.
Aerosoft 1  -  FSDT  1

Other parameters :
In FSDT* scenery, jetways are animated and framerate is very good.
Aerosoft will probably sell Zurich 2012 at a slightly lower price. Framerate is unknown.
Aerosoft scenery will include real Kloten airport latest expansion and installation.
Aerosoft 1  -  FSDT 1

Final score ?
You to judge !

* FSDT has already announced that they will rework their airport soon...


Anonymous said...

Aerosoft wins.... and now FSDT is scrambling to release an update as they see their loyal base become interested in this.

Anonymous said...

I am not sold on the Aerosoft version TBH. They are bold going after FSDT and I cannot see why FSDT should really worry as there has been no major updates in Zurich in real life so its still a great product!

I hope tho that FSDT dont take forever on the "re-make" of LSZH and KORD as we have many airports out there that need their expertise!

Anonymous said...

After having been bitten by poor performance and serious issues at several large Aerosoft-published airports (Nice, EHAM, Orly, etc) I've a "wait 3 months and review the user issues" approach with them. I only bought Münich about 2 months ago, and even then did so with dread.

I would change my stance at a moment's notice if they were to adopt a demo-mode approach like FSDT, UK2000, Drzewiecki... even ImagineSim.

Anonymous said...

The Aerosoft is okay but the fact that the FSDT is so much older, the Aerosoft version should be much better then it is. Personally, I will wait for FSDT update theirs. Also your pictures arn't a fair compare you can do a better job compareing the two.

Lets just hope FSDT introduces an update soon!! We are waiting for you Umberto!!!

Manu said...

Well, by making Geneva some years ago, FSDT came and attacked Aerosoft in their backyard. Now it's Aerosoft fighting back :) Even though I see their wish for "revenge", I think it's so unneccessary to make an airport that's been done before. Don't forget FreeZ! ... That means there will now be 3(!) Zürich version around. Aerosoft should have used their ressources for some other airport such as Düsseldorf, Prague, Copenhagen or Rome...there's still so much to do!

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