Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New exclusive shots from Latin VFR

FS9 and FSX. Airdailyx is the first news site to publish these screenshots of Key West. The scenery has now reached beta stage.

Dredgers key

Publishers, you are free to copy these screenshots. Please mention Airdailyx and Latin VFR.

Key West island at night


Anonymous said...

Didn't INTERSim make a post about this? I don't know Mason, I think you're crossing the line here...

Anonymous said...

Im customer of latin and intersim, and the really line are the customers. im interested about the progress of the sceneries. blogs like this....are the notice, the press, our newspaper of our simulator every day.

Anonymous said...

we cant post here... as everytime i posted something about KEY WEST mason deleted my post 2 times in the past about this ... and i think this is how Mason he need exclusives from latin vfr ..he dont go to let you post something bad about latin vfr..jajaajaj,,and as i stopped mason with INTERSim will know what he will do....

Junior Puente
CEO INTERSim Studios

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