Friday, June 17, 2011

Aerosoft Zurich 2012 : a fair test

FS9 and FSX. Aerosoft had probably an eye on Zurich for a long time. It's a wonderful airport, it's near Germany and it's located, mainly, in a german speaking swiss canton...(hmm). Almost four years after FSDT Zurich, this one ought to impress us real strong../.

Mega Airport Zurich

The file : 235 mb.
The installation is very easy. You need to go through the Aerosoft launcher and activate the scenery.
The airport is added itself in the library.
AES-Lite included and compatible wih AES full enhancement.

The framerate :
Some people could express some worries about framerate but the german designer has won the challenge. When you get 10-12 fps on FSX, on an old dual or quad core (around 2 Ghz), you get more than 14 fps - and i am speaking of very low processors. Anyway, a dual core 2,6 Ghz is recommended but with my 2,33 Ghz and three screens, my 14-15 fps are wonderful (i know its always something that FS 2004 users are not accustomed to).
So eventually, Aerosoft Zurich 2012 clearly reachs here FSDreamteam performances. 

The quality :
In order to obtain these performances, things have been designed the best possible way. Buildings are made of high definition and photoreal textures where you see them, near gates and taxiways. I found some lesser definitions buildings in places where the pilots never go.
The ground textures are made of high definition textures. They are neat and simple but terribly realistic.
I also have the impression that jetways have been reworked, especially the translucent layers.
Of course, the airport is up-to-date and taxiways, gates, signs, correspond to the real airport configuration in 2012 with the new dock B.
The night lights :
Clearly a strong point compared with FSDT scenery. The gates lights are very effective and we can see several colorful beams concentrated on the gate, with the corresponding effects on ground.

Conclusion :
Aerosoft Zurich is a really performing Mega airport, not a complex one like Munich but an effective one in term of quality and framerate. One regret though, the price (25 euros), is a bit expensive, considering that this is just the third scenery on four years.

The cars traffic surrounds a large part of the airport

Every space is good enough to put some posters...
(a classic in virtual games)

Nice traffic on suspended roads

Two translucent layers

Impressive night lights composed of several beams.
The next step is probably to add some small insects dancing around..?

Transparent front side of the main terminal.

Again, from the left, beams lights

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