Wednesday, June 29, 2011

About the new french autogen generator

France VFR new autogen generator is operational. More informations on its functionnalities.

Although the french team has not fully explained how it works yet, the autogen generator is based on several algorythms. It is interpreting geographical data bases and automatically positioning autogen according to precise coordinates, tile after tile. Ultimately, some minor abberations are fixed with some sub-algorythms.
Until further news about the "How it works", it is interesting to explain the "'What it does".

- First, of course, the generator can position different size of trees and buildings very fast.
- Trees and buildings size are better shaped according to real imagery.
- Trees and buildings are more precisely positioned.

The next step will be the procedural (or algorythmic) 3D. Among its new benefits :
- Buildings geometry can be more complex and will be shaped according to real imagery.
- Better optimization of abberations.
- New possibilities of customization.

The autogen generator is a professional tool. France VFR will use it for instance to develop his VFR Regional sceneries. Someday, the generator itself might be sold partly as a licence to other professional editors via his Simulation Data branch.
Here are two comparisons :

Left, screen from Photo range scenery. Right, same scenery with the new generator.
In blue circles, some details showing how they are transformed.

Left, Google imagery.        Right, France VFR with autogen generator.

More information on France VFR forum (a login can be requested).


Kevin Firth said...

Absolutely awesome stuff :) I hope France VFR will either licence this to other designers in specific national areas (I'd love for the UK to benefit from this as well :p) or extend their product coverage to other countries quickly?

Dean Mountford said...

I would love to licence this technology for the USA wide photoscenery.

Anonymous said...

Great to see now operational.

Trees still too tall.

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