Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cayo Coco MUCC test

The prolific teams of taxi2gate and Intersims have just released Jardines del Rey airport in north of Cuba a couple of days ago. Screenshots don't show that but MUCC has a very long runway of 9842 feets. Heavy liners can land there without a problem. The scenery itself is just made of a few buildings. The main terminal is well depicted (especially the front side) with some photorealistic textures on windows figuring passengers. Okay its not the state of the art but the place is beautiful, with flowers and trees everywhere (at full autogen). I did not see any AFD file for Ai traffic but My traffic put 2 regional aircrafts on the parking.

The airport is a good start for a lot of destinations ; Montego and Kingston, Nassau, Caymans, Miami and Tampa and others cuban airports. The weak point : it is surrounded by a lot of fences which tend to flicker and sparkle, especially where they are side by side. It might be my settings but developers (who will possibly read this post) are totally free to comment and explain this effect.

Quality 7/10 FPS 9/10 Interest 8/10 Package 7/10

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