Friday, December 3, 2010

Bilbao : our test

Tropical Sim has patiently work six months on this project. On my opinion, they know that some of their older sceneries were - quality speaking - a bit questionable. So, they take the time to master new functions. A first surprise comes from the extensive photoreal ground texture all around the airport, in the manner of Latin VFR. The naked Bilbao (defaut scenery) is nice with its bay and surroundings montains but there, with the addition, it is marvelous. Compared with some sceneries, as Cancun, the buildings are much more worked with an effort on textures, every where. Finaly, the complex architecture of the terminal itself is expressing designers fresh ingenuity.

The airport is a challenge. Its main runway is about 2600 meters long, a 500 meters more longer than Toncontin Tegucigalpa for instance.

Overall quality : 8/10 FPS : 6/10 Interest : 9/10 Overall package : 7/10
A nice quality product. The scenery gives poor FPS performance on low end machines but Tropical Sim has established a list of removable .BGL files (you can give up a lot of trucks here and there). Overall packages : score 7 because of the price.

How to take best habits from competitors...

Tropical Sim really took care of the buildings

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