Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FS sceneries market exploding : our study

Scenery designing is booming. Here is published a short study about FS sceneries. Analysing Simmarket web site and official releases dates, 32 european sceneries were launched in 2009, not taking into account small stuff of less than 12 euros or special packages. This year - which is still not over - a total of 47 european sceneries have been released. This proves that the market is not saturated. For south america, 6 sceneries were done last year and we can expect 10 sceneries this year. We are clearly expecting a boom, especially in north america, carribean, central, south america, eastern europe and Asia. Aircrafts production certainly does not follow this trend but.. but...  is surely growing : 6 liners have been built last year and 10 will be in 2010.

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