Saturday, November 13, 2010

A focus on the BN2-Islander

Why would you not fly on a STOL aircraft ?

A lot of airfields are difficult to land at because aircrafts are just not appropriate (St-Barth, Saba, Dutch harbor...). In FS world, there are not so many Short take-off and land (STOL) capability aircrafts. The Britten-Normandy BN2 islander, designed by Virtavia, is one of them and can take-off on a rough 300 meters strip. 750 units are still in service around the world, 50 years after its development.

Virtavia worked pretty hard to give the aircraft its rustic nice-looking. At approximately 60-70 knots, ready for take-off, the BN2 is shaking hard, producing realistic sounds of the vibrating cabin. The aircraft is equiped with a Bendix King GPS (KLN 90) and all mandatories navigation systems. Service ceiling 13 000 fts, cruise speed 154 mph. One small detail : landing gear does not retract.

Interest : 8,5/10 Overall quality : 7,5/10 FPS : 6,5/10

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