Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ADX First Look: Orbx YBTH Bathurst

FSX. Here I am, Capt. Hoffen, back in Australia again, and I gotta say, I don't mind at all. Because, even though South Central Alaska is enjoying unseasonably warm weather this fall, It's still just barely climbing out of the 30's during the day. And that's not Celsius, my friends. So, having the opportunity to test out another Aussie airport from Orbx, I can at least bump up the thermostat and transport myself into the land down under for some warmer weather. Join me after the jump for an ADX First Look at Orbx's newest scenery area: Bathurst, New South Wales.
The community of Bathurst is located on the banks of the Macquarie River, about 85 NM west-northwest of Sydney and 115 NM north of Canberra. It is the home of the Mount Panorama Race Circuit and is the oldest European inland settlement in Australia. And, it's conveniently located within a comfortable range of many of Orbx's Gold Coast airports.      

Orbx's YBTH Bathurst scenery is not just an airport, but rather, another whole scenery area much like the recent Canberra Cityscape....only a tad smaller and much less dense. While Canberra is a good sized city with a fairly large airport, Bathurst is a mid-sized community with a much smaller, country airport. But Tim Harris has captured this beautiful Gold Country area in all its glory and with a high level of detail, and with a bit better frames than Canberra to boot.

Ride along as I take a hop from YSCB up to YBTH to check out this latest offering from Orbx.
Departing YSCB northbound for Bathurst.

Approaching Bathurst from the south.

The lovely city of Bathurst.

The frame rates are excellent.

Lots of superb detail. 

Bathurst Correctional Facility....home for the naughtie's.
Mount Panorama Race Circuit. 

Welcome to Bathurst!

My AI traffic works!

Heeey, I've seen that dude before. Creepy.

Got Milk?
If you have the Alabeo Agtruck, this is the place to use it.

Some local color hanging around.

Ah, the Transavia Airtruk. Alabeo needs to do up this bird.


As a huge race fan, I'm ecstatic that Mount Panorama is included. Who knows, with Mark Webber retiring from F1, maybe if we look close enough we might catch him here some time. One can hope.


They've done it again. They are feeding my addiction to high quality scenery products. I keep thinking up new routes and scenarios for my Australian adventures and it isn't helping my time management when Orbx keeps adding such wonderful places to explore. And when I get my Metro and 1900D........well, I'm just loving Australia now, and it keeps getting better.    

Yet another fantastic scenery by Orbx, Bathurst is a pleasant place for an afternoon hop from the Sydney area or any of the other fine Gold Coast airports. Tim Harris has modeled lots of details and points of interest for us to search out and enjoy, and I highly recommend adding this to your Orbx Australian region. 

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